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Mobility of High Skilled Labor - Effects of Study Abroad

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28 Temmuz 2014
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30 May 2014


Given the fact that we have a globalised economy today, discussion still continues as to whether skills in a foreign language and intercultural competencies is getting more important. Going abroad during studies is an important factor in aquiring such skills. While it is continuously examined under which conditions students decide to study abroad, there is only little knowledge about the differentiated impacts of students‘ foreign mobility.

The final workshop therefore focuses on empirical as well as theoretical impacts of studies abroad, e.g.:

-Competence effects of studies abroad (intercultural skills, specific expertise, language skills)
-Economic effects of studies abroad (study successes – mark/duration, success in the labour market – income, employment security, international references)
-Socio-demographic effects of studies abroad (impacts on relationships to family and friends, on partnerships, on the individual personality)
-Effect differentiation due to association with a specialised field e.g. local and foreign institutions, country-specific education and labour market structures
-Methodical difficulties in measuring and analysing the effects of studies abroad

If you would like to offer a contribution in the form of an extended paper (1-2 pages), please send it in English or German to Ms Tamara Peter (tamara.peter@uni-siegen.de) by  May, 30th 2014 at the latest. Your paper should contain a definition of the problem, the methodology and/or the theoretical approach as well as the first results. You will be notified of the acceptance of your contribution by June, 6th 2014.

The MOHSL Team is looking forward to your submissions and will be pleased to answer any questions.

Contact: Tamara Peter    (tamara.peter@uni-siegen.de)

Further information are available on our website www.mohsl.de




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Mobility of High Skilled Labor - Effects of Study Abroad

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