Second International Conference „Making a difference. CSR Trends II”

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10 Temmuz 2014
11 Temmuz 2014
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01 Temmuz 2014


CSR concept development has gone through several transformations but from the very beginning it was based on the assumption that business has moral obligations to society. The understanding of these obligations has evolved from personal obligation of a manager (Bowen), integrating different kinds of responsibilities (Carroll), respecting needs of stakeholders and management of stakeholders relations (Freeman), and – currently – management of company’s impacts on society and environment (ISO 26000:2010, COM(2011) 681 final).

The last approach suggests that actions undertaken by businesses are important contribution to sustainable development and really make a difference. The focus of our conference is to highlight examples and trends that have impact on society and change it. We will focus on major challenges that business faces today. We would like to facilitate the discussion about possibilities to create innovative solutions that help to cope with social and environmental problems, sustainability and materiality of CSR strategies, role of consumers or changes in global supply chains.

The added value of the conference lies in that it will highlight viewpoints of different sectors. Scientists and practitioners representing business, NGOs and public administration are kindly invited to participate in the conference. We are going to find new ways and discuss the direction in which the business with contribution of other sectors should move to make a difference. We would like to create an opportunity to share research results, exchange experiences from business practice and put it all together, leading to a small step in further CSR development.

If you are interested in attending the conference, we therefore kindly invite you to submit proposal of paper addressing the following areas:

  • How to measure CSR?
  • Sustainability and materiality of CSR strategies
  • Social innovations and social entrepreneurship
  • Good and bad practices from different sectors
  • Methodology of CSR
  • Sustainable business models and shared value creation
  • Human rights and business
  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Intersectoral cooperation
  • Sustainability of larger systems and the role of business (eg. sustainable cities)
  • Responsible management education (including a role of PRME)
  • Modern forms of communications with stakeholders and the role of consumers in CSR development
  • The role of ESG reporting including issue of mandatory reporting




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Second International Conference „Making a difference. CSR Trends II”